Vadim Potapenko Head of Sales Turbo Games

How long has Turbo Games been around for?

We launched our first game 1,5 year ago. It was Crash X, since then we have been live. For now, we have 10 games and 20+ operators in our client base.

What is Provably Fair, who’s behind it, and how do we know the games can be trusted?

Thanks to Provably fair, the player can check the result of each round and make sure that it was generated honestly. To form the result, we use 3 values: Server Seed, Client Seed, Nonce.

Server Seed is a random value generated by us, Client Seed is a random value generated by the user, Nonce is just a number that increases after each bet. After all 3 values have been generated, they are encrypted in a special hash in the SHA256 format, which cannot be changed and with the help of a specific function we get the result based on this hash.

Until the results are obtained, the user does not know the Server Seed, and the provider does not know the Client Seed, that means that the provider could not tweak the result because it is generated exceptionally with the participation of the player. 

Do you think Provably Fair would be something that could be introduced to other major games providers?

Let this feature be only ours :))

What are the top 3 slots at Turbo Games?

Our most popular games are Crash X, Dice Twice and Mines. Also, we launched a new game with a Ukrainian vibe called Bayraktar that shows how efficient Ukrainian army forces are. We have great plans for new releases and new features for players, so stay tuned for updates.

How often are new games released?

We launch a new game every month, so our plan is to have 23-25 games at the end of 2022.

Can you share with us some planned releases for slots for the remainder of 2022?

I can give you a glimpse about our future releases. We’re going to launch some classic games like Plinko, Keno or High Low, but they will be refreshed and not so classic :) Follow us to be updated

The iGaming industry has collectively donated a lot of money and resources to help Ukrainians suffering from the invasion of their country. What are ways ordinary players can help, and which charities do you recommend for supporting?

The only help from players is to lose less money and support their families first. Then if you have extra - help someone who is in need and donate to the Ukrainian army. And only the rest of the money you can use to play and get some fun. If you win - awesome, give to someone who needs it. 

There are numerous charity funds nowadays, I would surely recommend the following:

Come Back Alive


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