Would you like to be a slots reviewer and get paid for it? Well now you can! Just signup as a new user and create an account. All you need to do is put your Bitcoin receive address in your profile so we can pay you. Terms and conditions of reviews will be made available in your user settings page. 

For every slot where we don't have a review, you can make a request to publish a review. You can play the slot for free or for real money and is your choice. It is best to include one screenshot of you playing the slot. 

Content Writing Rules

It is imperative that in order to get paid for your reviews that they are well written and well researched. Your writing must meet the following rules and guidelines:

  • All content will be moderated before approval. Content that fails our writing guideline will not be used and no credits will be given for it
  • No spelling or grammar mistakes
  • All information must be accurate
  • Content copied or stolen from other websites will not be tolerated
  • Screenshots must be original and taken by yourself and not taken from another website or Google images
  • User generated content or content spilling will not be tolerated

If users violate any of these rules, they may have their account permanently deleted. 

Payment Terms

Users get paid by Bitcoin and the payment threshold is $50. All users must provide a BTC receive address in order to get paid. 

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