One way of doing that is by becoming a casino affiliate where you setup a website focused on a topic within online casinos and join affiliate programs where you get 1 of 2 types of commissions available: revenue share commission or CPA which is cost per acquisition.

CPA rates can vary but are typically around $200 which is a single $200 payment for referring a single depositing player. If you refer 10 players then you’d be entitled to a $2000 commission. On revenue share you get a percentage of referred player’s losses which typically range around 20% to 30% on average.

8 Best Casino Affiliate Programs For CPA

Gambling webmasters probably earn some of the highest commissions online although like any industry, it has a lot of competition. For that reason, it’s a great way to earn money from home but not your only means.

If you learn more about the gambling industry, then you’ll be able to build a better skillset for freelancing if you wanted to do things like write reviews about online casinos or online slots. If you do this, these casino webmasters will pay around an average of $25 for a single article which is decent pay.

You can learn more and find slots affiliate programs on our webmaster page. 

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