What exactly are slots affiliate programs?

They are really not that much different than a casino affiliate program where they are partner programs for online casinos that have slot games. If they don't have slot games then they aren't for you unless you want to focus on another gambling niche. 

Where can players find online slots?

Slots are probably the single most popular gambling game you'll find on the internet! It is rare to have an online casino that doesn't have slot games with the exception of a few that focus more on table games. Most online bingo sites also offer slot games you can play on the side. Almost all online sportsbooks also have casino games attached. Perhaps online poker and lotteries are places where you might not find slots to play. 

Revenue Share Explained

Revenue share is a percentage of the revenue that an affiliate program will offer. Actually the name is a bit misleading because revenue are just deposits whereas the calculations are made for deposits minus withdrawals.

What does CPA stand for?

CPA means Cost Per Acquisition and you'll usually see things like $100 CPA or $250 CPA commissions for referring depositing players. This works where if you refer a player that makes a qualifying deposit, the slots affiliate program will pay you a one time commission which can range in that $100 to $300 area. 

If a player wins big, will that harm my commission?

Only if that player withdraws. If they have a balance it usually won't affect your commission until that player makes a withdrawal.

If a player wins a progressive jackpot, will I earn a commission if the player loses it all back to the casino?

It depends. Some casinos will treat a progressive jackpot win like a large deposit and will pay a commission if the player loses it back to the casino. It seems to be common that most players will keep gambling and end up losing that amount back to the casino. 

What are some recommended slots & casino affiliate programs?

Here's a list to get you started with some of the more recommended affiliate programs. 

What are some Bitcoin casino affiliate programs?

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