Free is the word that most people like to hear when they want to use something. If you are interested in playing slots for free then you are in luck because almost every online casino is offering access to free slots. Of course, the same casinos have real money slots too. So, what’s the catch? What are the differences and similarities of free slots and real money slots?

In order to answer these questions, we will analyze these two options.

Free Slots

Free slots are free versions of popular online slots which are used by online casinos to attract new players. So, their primary goal is to make players use the paid versions. This is a good option for slot players too because they can try a new game without spending money. In this way, they can find out whether certain games meet their criteria. In addition, by using free slots, you will get a chance to practice and get familiar with all the options and features found in these games.

Real Money Slots

Simply put, real money slots are online slots which let players play for real money. Obviously, the only advantage of playing this type of slots compared to free slots is the fact that you can win actual prizes. When you play for free, you will get points that you can’t cash in. Additionally, there are many real money slots with free versions that don’t have the progressive jackpot feature. This makes sense because you can’t win any prize when playing for free.

Free Slots vs Real Money Slots: A Basic Guide

Now that you know what the differences between these two types of slots are, we should mention the similarities. In most cases, every real money slot has a free version. There are just a few slot games found online that have just a free or just a real money version. This means that the features, the gameplay, the graphics, the matrix of reels and paylines – everything is the same.

Yet, there are many people who are still a little bit skeptical. They are wondering how players can be sure that the free play doesn’t give our more wins to encourage players to play for real money. Is it possible that some online casinos and slot software developers are tweaking free slots to trick players? This is a legitimate question because after all, the basic idea is to attract real money players.

Before we answer this question, we should mention the RNG – random number generator. This is actually a program that keeps creating random numbers. We are talking about a computer program or code that can create a few billion combinations in a second. With the help of these numbers, the slot places the symbols on the reels. Basically, the players are not affecting the outcome of their spins, these numbers are already determined by the Random Number Generator at the exact moment when the player clicks the spin button.

What does this have to do with the payout frequency in free slots and real money slots? Well, the RNG is the same for both types of slots or at least it should be. The program code can’t tell whether a player is playing for free or he or she is using real money. It just keeps creating numbers in order to provide the outcome after each spin. Whenever someone clicks the spin button the RNG creates a combination and that’s it. To put it in simple words, there is no difference between free slots and real money slots.

The fear of modified free slots is usually fueled by two things. For starters, it’s the human nature that makes us see things that are not there just because we think they are there. When you are not using real money, you won’t notice the non-winning spins. You won’t get very excited even when you are winning. But, the situation is different when you are using your money. Every non-winning spin will cause frustration and you will definitely remember and celebrate the winning spins. After all, that’s what makes real money so exciting and thrilling. The other thing is the presence of shady slots on the market.

Learn about slots software providers

Of course, in order to ensure that you are not fooled with free slots just to make you try the real money slots which will have lower payout frequencies, you must be careful where you are playing. First of all, you must use reputable online casinos and gambling websites where you can play online slots. Unfortunately, not all of them are the same and some of them are trying to scam their players. It would be good to read some reviews and testimonials before you join an online casino or gambling website. Stick to the casinos that have licenses issued by at least one reputable gambling authority. Typically, these licenses are issued by the Government of Curacao, the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

The next thing that you should take into account is the slots software provider. In the past, there were just a few providers of online slot games and it was easy to stay safe. Now, there are dozens of slot software developers and they have dozens of slot games in their offer making it a little bit difficult to do research. Once again, the most important thing is to stick to well-known brands that have many positive reviews and adequate licenses that can confirm that their work is completely legal.

It’s also good to mention that slot games, in general, are separated into two groups based on their payback percentage and payout frequency. First of all, there are online slots with small prizes and high frequency. Second, there are slots with large prizes and less payout frequency. Each of them comes with certain pros and cons and it is up to the player to choose the one that suits his needs.

We hope that this simple guide will help you learn the difference between free slots and real money slots.

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