Where are all the virtual reality casinos? It was just years ago that SlotsMillion casino made waves in the industry by basically becoming the first real money online casino to be available in virtual reality. It was popular and well received that many thought others would follow them and copy the idea. Virtual reality did see major growth as an industry in 2017 but in 2018 things cooled off and it is as though people have discarded vr technology.

Expensive VR setups

Before 2019, if you wanted a virtual reality setup, you needed a powerful Windows desktop computer and an expensive VR headset like the HTC Vive for example. When you are looking at a price range of $2000 just to run a VR casino, you can see why a lot of players would want to try it but won’t be forking out that kind of money for it. It also inherently requires someone that knows their way around a computer.

What is truly needed for VR to get bigger and to get more online casinos using virtual reality technology is to have the price come down and everything running on the headset itself.

Oculus Go

Now the Oculus Go won’t allow you to play casino games but it represents one of the first standalone devices where you don’t need a computer to make it work as the processing is more or less done on the device and connects with your phone. This means the device only costs a fraction of the HTC Vive and for a few hundred dollars, you got yourself a VR headset that is actually amazing to use. The quality of the Oculus Go is surprising with amazing video and sound. There is really no lag on the video and some of the video displays you can watch just look like you are in a 4K virtual reality environment. Everything looks real and rich and of course in time the resolution and quality will only get better.

This means that the future of VR casinos will most likely connect through a mobile phone and this also means you should have access to more casinos than just SlotsMillion.

SlotsMillion is actually an amazing online casino but they don’t have free spins bonuses or slots tournaments so this is one of the setbacks of this casino. For players that love casino bonuses, you’ll of course want to try others.

What about Bitcoin?

Of course for the players that love to play at Bitcoin casinos and to do this in virtual reality, this is around the corner and it will be a matter of selecting the casinos that you prefer to play at. Of course we know that this means you’ll be wanting to play at casinos that give you the best bonuses. For Bitcoin casino bonuses check out the site and page by CBN.

SlotsMillion VR casino

Until this new technology comes around, SlotsMillion has a massive head-start on all online casinos. They have already built numerous versions of their virtual reality casino which is a cool skyscraper concept where you can go to the bar, see other players, interact with a host and even go to the window of the building and gaze out into the sky. They have a few popular Netent games including Starburst slot which is one of the most popular slots of all time. 

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