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Zitro is a large software company and it has a big influence on the international stage with its many titles. They like to utilize innovation in technology to achieve long-term growth and profitability. In fact, this is their main point of differentiating themselves from other software companies in that they prefer to use new technologies in the online casino and gaming industry.

They have a large employee base from which they like to create new ideas for future release titles. All of this takes place in Barcelona in their Ideas Factory complex and with the guiding hand of over 300 professionals. This large pool of talent allows them to stay fresh with their ideas and release new and exciting titles to the already saturated market of online casinos and games.

With 34 video slots at their disposal, they have a pretty good repertoire of exciting titles to keep you occupied and playing these games for a long time. They have their own brand for these video slots under the name of Bryke. They incorporate brand-new ideas to keep the feeling of playing them refreshing and new every time that you feel like opening them up.

They like to market their video slots under group names so you have titles such as Guns & Gold: Showdown grouping together three different video slots under its name. Those slots are Crazy Saloon, Mystic Wolf, and Funny Saloon. This sort of marketing continues in eight different categories. All of these have their own theme that they follow and so it’s easy to find similar games within the same visual and gaming style. This is good for players who want to switch things up a little bit while staying true to the theme of the previous video slot that they were playing.

Other interesting categories include Blazing Pearls with the titles Dragon Princess, Fu Charms, and Dragon Warrior; Link King with the video slots Lady Dragon, God’s Land, Asian Woods, and Casino Mix; and Link Me with the games Sweet Tropical Fruits, Gods and Heroes, The Funny Lucky Children, and Totem Spirits.

Other than video slots, you’ve also got video bingo with 61 titles to choose from. With so many different video bingos you are bound to find the perfect title for yourself. A downside is that with so many bingos going around, the player might feel like the software oversaturated the place with too many. Zitro, however, state that they try to make every single one of their video bingos a unique and exciting experience.

Aside from the usual bingo experience, there are also Super Win games where you can find the biggest pots that you can win. This means that your chances of winning them will be much lower, but if you’re not dissuaded by this then this category might be the perfect one for you. The bingos that you’ll participate in if you go into the Super Win category are:Super Bingo, Rebajas, Jerrypot, Bobby, and Thunderball.

When it comes to real life terminals, Zitro have a lot of experience with design and creation of video bingo machines. They use the BET system for a secure and transparent way to conduct their business in real life bingo halls. With many different skins, features, and a simple and informative interface, the BET system is pretty advanced in its personalization.

Overall, Zitro is a huge company which offers many services to its customers anddoes so in a comfortable and innovative way.

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