Red Rake Gaming slots is the gaming developer for slots, video bingo, roulette, video poker and blackjack games.

Red rake gaming is a top-class software development company that has been very innovative in the creation of video bingo, video poker, and slots game. The company has been around for more than five years having been founded in 2011. They rely heavily on research and experience in the production of games with excellent sound quality, graphics, and animations. The company has one of the best websites which is populated with sharp, slick pages that mirror the perfect image created by red rake gaming as a software provider. Although the company is based in Valencia, Spain (which is not a famous hub for iGaming) this has not stopped them from climbing the ladder to the very top. The company’s website is available in both Spanish (the native tongue of the developers) and English.

Currently, red rake has over 40 employees who are focused in pumping high-quality content into the casino gaming world. They have laid special emphasis on the generation of slots which have dominated the world with over 5 million daily spins. This translates to about 50 spins in a second and is good evidence of the dominance enjoyed by this software provider. 

In all the years they have been in the market they have managed to develop over 50 slots games, a roulette game, a number of video bingo games, a blackjack game, and over 15 video poker games. All their games are availed in over 12 languages which include; French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, English, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, and Italian. 


Having games of the highest caliber is a recipe for success in the online gaming sector. Red rake has embraced this factor and has been in the forefront of creating games with attractive features, mechanics, and the most ideal mathematic component. This has contributed immensely towards the production of well-balanced games which give players thrilling and fantastic game experience. 

All their slots games are themed to be as fantastic as anything you would find in the gaming world. They have thrilling Egyptian themed games which amaze with mystical adventures and vampire titles. Some of the most popular games developed by red rake gaming include; Siberian wolf (has dominated the Russian market), Hiedi of Oktoberfest, and the Riches of Camelot. The games also include a number retro slot, 777 colors, Respin and diamonds, 3 Butterflies, and many others. 

Because of their experience in the gaming sector and their wide knowledge of diverse technologies and platforms they have managed to adapt games to specific customs and cultures in most of the countries where they feature. Their dominance can also be attributed to their trick of repackaging fairy tales into all-action slots. Some of the games they have successfully repackaged include Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood.  Other gaming slots include;


Burning seven

Caribbean Treasure

Circus Wonder

Forest Fairies 

Crypt of the Vampire

Mega Stellar

Ragin’ Buffalo

Mysteries of Egypt


Super 5stars

Super 7 stars

The Sherlock Files 

The Legendary Red Dragon



Red Rake Company has spread its wings in over 100 countries in the world. This Valencia-based company has been growing in leaps and bound and have seen their software adopted by major betting businesses and casino across Europe, South America, North America, Russia, and many other places. Some of the casinos that use their software includes;









Red rake can be classified as one of the best software providers in the world. They have managed to develop some excellent, video poker, slots, and video bingo games. It’s not a surprise their products have been accepted globally and the slots experience millions of spins every day. 

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