Fire Forge

RTP: 96.73%%
rated 10 / 10
  • Reels 5
  • Paylines 243
  • Software Microgaming
  • Slot Type
  • Min Bet 0.25
  • Max Bet 5
  • RTP 96.73%%
  • Variance high
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  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 243
  • Free Spins: yes
  • Variance: high
  • Hot: cold
  • Gamble: no
  • Bonus Rounds: yes
  • Max bet: 5
  • Min bet: 0.25


Fire Forge slot has 5 reels and 243 paylines. Play this slot at select Microgaming casinos with top rated casino bonuses.

This is a really new slot, coming out of the shadows on March 2021. It’s a very high volatile game coming from Stormcraft Studios, a software developer working for Microgaming.

When it comes to how the base game goes, there’s not much to dip your toes with in that regard, but oh boy!, things get serious as soon as you hit that bonus round.

You have a top jackpot pay that goes 200x your initial stake, with a multiplier that can ALSO go as high as 200x that also multiplies your jackpot.

At the time of writing, your max bet cap goes up to £5 and a maximum win up to 50,000x, so imagine a max reward with those multipliers stacked and getting a 5 of a kind of Thor’s hammer which sits at the highest spot in the paytable.

You won’t be dropping this game anytime soon if you’re a hardcore player.

Visually however, the game keeps it simple. You have some pretty good animations and good music and sound effects to go along with everything. The game flows fast and plays smoothly.

Some of us are kinda nerds when it comes to Nordic themes, so if that’s right up your alley you’ll find this slot really fun.

Just don’t expect a bunch of coins exploding at your face.

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This amazing new slot will make you feel like you’re in the middle of an adventure.

Speaking technically, you’ll find plenty of visual and sound cues that will certainly hook you in. Speaking not-so-technically, you’ll be eager to start clicking everywhere to see what does “that” button do.

Made by StormCraft Studios, it has 5 reels and 243 ways to win

This Slot also brands an RTP of 96.73% with its highest price being 50,000x


Ok, this slot is of EXTREME (yes, allcapped) volatility. So, you either win big, or lose big.

When you strike the bonus round. You’ll have 3 options in which you can choose how many free spins you’d like such as 12, 6, or 3 free spins.

Each of these options are tied with an individual setting of volatility and a multiplier of 1x, 3x or 6x respectively that goes up by that same multiplier amount with each spin (doesn’t matter if you land a combination or not).

If you, for example, choose 3 free spins you’ll get the highest multiplier of 6x with a 6x increase per spin and with the highest volatility setting in exchange, so this option is for the absolute beasts.

One important thing to note is that you can retrigger your bonus round infinitely while you’re in it as long as you keep landing the 5 Scatter sequence within the amount of free spins of bonus rounds you chose.

Due to this, we recommend that picking up those 6 free spins which is the middle option that carries a 3x multiplier and a medium volatility setting is the definite all-rounder here.

Adding to all of this, the game seems to sport a constant 96,73% Return to Player. Might not be the highest, but it’s definitely in the greens.

FIRE FORGE Gameplay & Features

When it comes to gameplay, you’ll find plenty ways of landing winnings. Icons are based on tools and gems inspired by Norse mythology. Gameplay is also really smooth as you can simply set everything up how you want with sliders and hit the autoplay function.

You can also simply hit a mute button and let the game go on the side.

Free spins

Hitting 1 or more scatters on all 5 reels (they don’t need to form a line) will trigger the free spins selection.

You can pick 1 out of 3, and you can keep landing the scatters during the free spins for potentially infinite bonus rounds.

Multiplier Trail

When landing the scatters you can select:

  • 12 Free Spins, Initial spin stays at 1x. Multiplier increases by 1x with every spin
  • 6 Free Spins, Initial Spin stays at 3x. Multiplier increases by 3 with every spin
  • 3 Free Spins, Initial Spin stays at 6x. Multiplier increases by 6x with every spin

Rolling Reels

One important extra feature is the Rolling Reels function. As you land a payline, icons are removed and new symbols will drop from above potentially allowing the player to string combos, ain’t that something?.

This feature is on in both base game and bonus rounds.


When you land wilds, these symbols will function like wild cards that replace whatever other symbol you need to land a payline so if you, for example, land 4 “Thor’s hammers” and a Wild “Fire forge”, that wild will serve as the fifth hammer for a 5 of a kind.

FIRE FORGE Theme & Experience

As we discussed earlier, you’ll enjoy a Norse mythology theme here, combined with mining and fire aspects. You’ll find icons and symbols resembling dwarfs, mining tools, gems, and many other things.

Even the music screams Norse, as you’ll hear epic sounds of drums and chanting. Visuals include hardworking resemblance and metal clanks helping even more with the ambiance and overall atmosphere.

We’ll tell you, you’ll be experiencing mini-heart attacks every time you’re about to land the fiery dwarven face. Those are the scatters that when landing 1 in each reel will trigger the jackpot round. Keep an eye out for those!

FIRE FORGE RTP, Variance & Jackpots

Fire Forge has a Return to Player of 96,73% with a house edge of 3,27%. Players that like big jackpots and don't mind big risks will be hooked here as the variance is extremely high since those tend to be their favorites.

You don’t need any specific bet size or number of coins needed to earn any of the 3 different kinds of Jackpots or bonus rounds. But they’ll help you earn more for sure!

You can also string your jackpot if you keep landing the 5 Scatters with your free spins, and also select a new bonus with the re-trigger and at the end, you’ll be awarded 1 of 3 Jackpots:

  • Gold, 200x total bet
  • Silver, 25x total bet
  • Bronze, 5x total bet

Free spins multipliers will also increase the amount of your jackpot, which is huge!

How To Play

It just a slot after all right? How hard could it be?. The game plays almost with a simple click of a button as any other slot, but there's still some important stuff to note:

  1. Right after the game boots, you can find a three horizontal lines button in the bottom right corner.
  2.  You can find the play tables here (which I advise you check out) along with some settings like turning off sound, you know, for those late night thrills, right?
  3. You can also set up game speed right here but there’s no need to worry too much about this since you can flip the switch anytime while in-game.
  4. Right above the three horizontal lines button, you’ll find the options for Coin and Bet Sizes. You still have several quick bet options in case you don’t care about giving it too much thought (don’t worry, we see that as a plus here).
  5. Afterwards, y’know where that BIG button is at the middle to the right of the screen? Well… DON’T click it yet. Above it, you can find more sliders with how many autoplays you want and how much do you want to bet per spin. You can go as high as 100x here, with 10x, 25x and 50x thrown in there too.
  6. Back to the big ol’ button we talked about before. HIT IT! Here’s where you actually get the spins going, so hit it and play!
  7. Play even more! (Always responsibly of course)

Where to play FIRE FORGE

FIRE FORGE Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Fire Forge for free?

Yes!, most casinos will have an option for a demo version of Fire Forge. Even review pages will have an available demo version with every feature included.

What is the biggest win that I can get in Fire Forge?

Fire Forge brands a win up to 50.000x your wager and up to 1,000,000 in winnings.

Can I earn Free Spin bonuses in Fire Forge?

Yes, Fire Forge is all about earning free spins across bonus rounds to extend your jackpot every time you land 5 scatters.

What is the variance for Fire Forge?

Fire Forge is of High volatility and 96,73% RTP and a house edge of 3,27%.

What is the max bet for Fire Forge?

Fire Forge allows a max bet of £5

How many paylines are there in Fast Forge?

You can land wins in any position as long as the symbols are stringed adjacently, you can win in any direction here.

Is there a Jackpot in Fire Forge

Yes!, Fire Forge encourages jackpots. Landing at least 1 scatter in every reel activates the bonus round that at the end will award you with a jackpot depending on the multiplier you chose prior to beginning your bonus round.


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